Fellow Travellers is about taking action and reaching out to help people achieve their dreams. If you:

  • have a dream to do and be more
  • want to unleash your potential
  • can help someone realise a goal
  • need to make connections with someone in your desired field

Fellow Travellers is where all of that can be a reality.


Photo by samotrebizan/iStock / Getty Images

There is no cost for you to get involved with Fellow Travellers. From young adult to more 'seasoned' adults anyone can be involved, either in seeking, or providing guidance.

This is mentoring as it was meant to be. However, many people (especially those who are the 'experienced travellers') don't like being called mentors. Since we are all journeying through life, the name Fellow Travellers was born.

To seek expert guidance from someone, simply head to 'mentoring areas' in the menu and choose what area (or areas) interest you. There will be a list of people, who have signed up and are giving freely of their time to help you out. You will see:

  • how they can help you
  • what age group/s they work with
  • a short bio about them
  • how they would like to support you (face-to-face, via email, etc.)

All initial contact is via email.

To be of service to someone seeking advice, guidance, etc. please head to the 'contact' page in the menu.

Should you have any questions, we welcome you contact us, or head to our 'Ask Us' page. Enjoy and welcome to Fellow Travellers.

James John.