We have a few partnerships

At Fellow Travellerswhile we love giving back to people and the global community in general, we are a for-profit business. Beyond the services and products that we offer, we also have several affiliate agreements in place. There are links to these affiliates and there products in several places on our website. We earn a commission from these companies, each time you make a purchase from them. We have been very selective with the companies and organisations that we have chosen to partner with.

We strongly believe in providing you with resources, information and links to services, products and other companies that will help you and others you know. To this point the following companies we have an affiliate agreement with at the moment:

  • Freshbooks
  • Booktopia
  • Angus & Robertson Bookworld
  • The Co-op

The primary reason that we chose these companies is that we have had many dealings with each of them in the past as a customer. We believe that they offer great products and services to the point that we wanted to partner with them. We do provide you with many links to information and resources that we don't receive anything from. A good guide for you is if our links lead you to products and/or services you need to pay for, you can assume that we are getting a commission from that company.

At Fellow Travellers we don't receive anything from these companies apart from commissions.

We thank you for supporting us and our work. If you have any questions about any of our partnerships or anything else, please feel free to contact us.