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We've tried to answer all the obvious questions.
If there is something else you would like an answer to just ask.


When will the mentoring areas be up and running so I can get a mentor?

We are working very hard to put together a group of mentors for you. We are looking to have it all up and running no later than the end of October '17.

How can I get a mentor?

It's really easy! Head to the 'mentoring areas' in the main menu and there will be a selection of areas to choose from. Each one will have a at least one mentor ready and willing to work with you.

How many people does each mentor work with at any one time?

That's really up to each mentor. Some prefer to work with only one person at a time, whereas others are willing to work with more.

Can I become a mentor?

At some stage yes. We are looking in the future at allowing people to request to be a mentor. However, we strive to ensure that people have a great deal of experience and are of the highest calibre for
those seeking a mentor. Therefore, at this stage the mentors that are available to you have been purposefully selected for their skills, knowledge and experience.

As someone seeking a mentor/coach/teacher, is there anything required of me?

We ask that our mentors (or whatever you want to call them) make contact with the person they are working with, at least once a month. We ask the same of yourself.
That you strive to make contact with them, at least once a month, via whatever means you have both agreed on.

Why the donation page?

We operate Fellow Travellers at no cost to both the mentors and the mentees. There is no joining fee, no ongoing costs, none of it. However, we still need to cover the costs of running such an operation. We do the best we can financially, however, a donation of any amount, will assist us in covering the costs.