It's OK to go slow

Have you noticed that in almost every aspect of our lives, we have this desire for faster. Faster internet, faster decision-making - even our language is faster...using emojis and an entire new language of SMS abbreviations. I was thinking about this the other day while my family and I were having a clean out of stuff we didn't need (exciting I know). Here we have all of this 'stuff' that was more than likely mass produced in an attempt to get more of it out to the public, faster and cheaper. But do we really need most of it? The answer is no - hence the rise of minimalism in popularity.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, trying to tee up a lunch with him. He said that he would love to, but he's never been busier. He just doesn't have enough hours in the day. Since light first hit the earth, the length of time in a single day has always remained the same - sun up to sun down. Many of us, for many decades (if not longer) have taken to working through a good part of the night as well. Why is it that we have either a need, or being required to fit so much into a single day? What's the rush? If we don't get something completed today, won't it still be there tomorrow?

There is a big surge in the popularity of mindfulness of late. People are realising that they need to take time out of the busyness to just rest and unwind - that's great! While mindfulness and anything like it is a crucial ingredient in our lives and always has been, what about the other elements in our lives? How can we go about changing them? A simple start is to decide how you spend your time - what is important and what can be removed. One of the posts in Tim Ferriss' blog, discusses the idea of only checking emails twice a day. I really encourage you to have a read of it - you'll be surprised how easy and effective it can be to put in place.

Life seems busier these days, but is it really, or are we being fed that idea, through the pace we are being expected to live? I really believe that it's OK to move slow. There is a huge difference between moving slow, being lazy and being ignorant of deadlines. Of course you can't ignore the deadline of a project by saying to your clients, "it's OK - I'm choosing to just move slow". I'm sure their reaction would be less than favourable. However, you can try and put limits on the other  intruding elements in your life that put undue pressure on you and the pace at which you are required to move. It's also important to to remember, it is relationships that are important in life - making those meaningful connections. The people in your life who truly value you (family, friends, etc.) all spell love the exact same way - t i m e.

Live you best life

James John.