The power of 'stargazing therapy'

When you were a child, I bet you spent a great deal of time either in bed or at your bedroom window, just staring up at the sky and all those stars. What was up there? Was there really a man in the moon? Was there life on other planets? How long would it be before you could fly there yourself? Space and all the stars that exist throughout it, have captivated mankind basically since time itself began. How much of our attention does it take up now?

In Tim Ferriss' book Tools of Titans, he interviews BJ Miller, a palliative care physician at The University of California. One idea he speaks of as 'free therapy' is star-gazing. The basis of his idea is that looking up at the stars, reminds us of how big space is, how awesome creation is and how very teeny tiny we are in the scheme of it all. Basically, we'll be so blown away by the brilliance of space, we'll either forget our problems for a minute, or they'll at least be put in a bit of perspective in the GRAND scheme of life. If you're reading this and it's night - STOP RIGHT NOW. GO outside and check out the stars. When I read this idea of star-gazing as therapy, I realised that I actually hadn't properly just stared up at space since I was a child - so that night I did it - it truly clears the mind and just gives you an overwhelming sense of wonder and awe.

So much in life we are bombarded with ideas, strategies, etc. from a million different directions, all promising to help us be better, more minimalist, stronger, richer, better balanced....blah blah. It really is as simple as looking up at the night sky. It's simple but so powerful. It's such a personal, individual experience, yet you can share it with a crowd of people and all feel and take away something unique.

For what it's worth, I strongly encourage you to take even just two-minutes out of your evening and go outside - and look at the stars. They are filled with the dreams of the history of mankind, from Galileo to the future first person on Mars. It's truly amazing how something so far away, can have the gravitational pull, to remove our worries and stress, even just for a minute or two.

Live your best life.

James John

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