The No. 1 Key to Freedom

Everyone travels their own path in life. Some of us do it alone, others with a partner, wife, husband, an entire family, friends, whoever, The fact still remains, that we each have our own journey in life. What is baffling, is the idea that along that journey we are asked, no, expected to apologise for many of our choices. There is this social norm that has developed, over who knows how many years, that requires people to apologise for not wanting to do something.

If you don't want to participate in an activity or event - just say no...with no explanation.

I'm not suggesting for a second that you be rude to whoever you may be speaking with, emailing, etc. It's as simple as, why has it become a requirement of our social exchange that we need to become creatives and invent a reason to make others feel OK? When you think about it, isn't that it's own kind of madness?

Next time you're asked to do something or be involved in an activity, or attend a function, etc. just say:

"No thank you - I'm sure it will be great".

I have recently started doing the same, after being tired of needing to create excuses, each time I didn't want to be involved with or attend an event. Now, instead of dreading the conversation, I feel an immense freedom in myself and my decision. Each of us travel our own path and that's fine. You can travel your path with calm, dignity and ease, while at the same time, participating in the elements of life that you choose. All of this can be achieved while being polite through simply and politely saying no - and leaving it at that.

Live your best life.

James John

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