How did you get there?

It's the standard question that we both generally ask and get asked at any social occasion, "So what do you do for work?" - or some variation of that. Lately though there has been the idea of WHY. Asking why people, and yourself, actually do something - what are their motivations, their aspirations? What is their true reasoning for having picked that career? Recently though I came across the book, Born For This, by Chris Guillebeau. In it he mentions that while people ask what you do for work, they rarely follow it up with, "And what led you to that?". It's a sensational question!

Whenever I give a leadership talk, somewhere within it, I mention the large number of jobs I've had. I've been a hotel room attendant and run a restaurant, worked for an NGO, been a high school teacher and now operate my own business. The path (or should I say paths) that have led me to "what I currently do" makes for a really great story. I can also pinpoint (with 20/20 hindsight) what it was that I learnt from every job that I implement in some way today.

So I have two questions for you:

  1. Why do you do the work you do?

  2. What led you to that?

I'm not being rhetorical - I actually want to know, because you're story is amazing and worth knowing. So leave a comment - engage with us. As fellow travellers in life, everything is a lot more exciting when we learn from each other and discover new ways of thinking and being. It allows us to broaden our thinking and possibly re-shape our direction in life. If you are trying to find your direction in life and aren't sure how to, I highly recommend Chris' book that I mentioned above. On our now page we have a link to where you can buy it from Booktopia.

Live your best life.

James John

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