Effort and Determination

I need a new job. I don't like my boss. I am overweight. I don't like...I wish...I can't stand....

Most of us at some stage (or many stages) in life can get caught in the trap of complaining about various areas of life that we would like to change - and that's the problem. It's an area the you would LIKE to change. If you truly desire some area of your life to change, you have want it - really WANT it. If you want to change your job, yet you don't take any steps to make that happen, is anything rally going to change? Sure you may not be able to just resign from your job and give 4-weeks notice tomorrow. However, you can do a course, do some professional reading, seek some advice from a mentor, etc.

There are a few people in life who thrive on playing the 'martyr' role. Simply put, they are so persecuted in their life for a variety of reasons - and they love telling you about it. They don't REALLY want anything to change, because complaining has become a part of who they are. Such people probably aren't doing this on purpose or even knowingly, although, we all know the type when we come across them.

Changing your life, or a specific element of it requires effort and determination. It's all about the tried and true ideas of goal setting, making a plan to achieve those goals and surrounding yourself with a supportive network of friends and family. All of us were created for greatness, created for something amazing to happen in our lives. We need to put the effort in though. We need to want that something great so that we can be incredible.

Live your best life.

James John