You'll be rejected and harassed - but don't give up

There is a part within the Bible that talks about the time Jesus went to his hometown. While there he wasn't accepted as the Son of God, because they knew him as Jesus - son of a poor carpenter. It was too difficult for the majority of people in his hometown to overcome their preconceived experiences of who he was. This is the same for:

  • anyone who tries to better themselves, maybe having some regrets about their past
  • someone trying to start a new venture to their family and friends
  • etc.

Basically, if you try and follow a different path to the one you're currently on, there will be people who will try and put you off via any number of ways. Your goal - stay true to what you want in life and what you are trying to achieve. Sure some people will scoff at you and others will criticise you - they are not the people you need to be listening to. Starting anything new can be a daunting undertaking and so you need to ensure that you have supportive people somewhere nearby.

Whether you become a success at changing your life's course or not - it doesn't matter. The important ideas are that you are daring to dream and daring to go after what you want (so long as they are positive choices of course). Most of the people who see you doing this; even the ones temporarily rejecting you and your endeavours, will be inspired by your persistence and your courage.

Live your best life.

James John