You'll get a massive high

We all have that friend who is a real adrenaline junkie - always on the search for that next big high. There is a way that you can get the same high without needing to base jump off a perfectly good mountain top, so spear fishing in shark infested waters, or any of it. Help someone else. One of the best highs you can get in life is from helping someone else achieve their dreams. Being selfless and working with someone on pursuing their goals is a remarkable gift and not one that many people can or are able to provide.

Being a mentor, a guide or simply 'travelling life's journey' with someone provides you with endless rewards.

  1. You get to feel good about yourself. Someone is seeking YOU out, because of your experience and knowledge. That's a pretty awesome status to have - you are wanted and people are striving to find you and work with you.
  2. You get to be part of someone's success story. Imagine in 10-20 years when the person you're mentoring achieves their goals in life and they remember back to the person who helped get them there - that person will be you!
  3. Your impact will last forever, as the lessons and advice you share are then passed on to others and so on.
  4. Your issues or problems will not be such a big deal for a little while. There is no greater way to forget your troubles, than to help someone else out with theirs - or at least listen to their story.

Who has been a mentor or role model in your life? How did their influence shape you in a positive way? Share your story with us because after all - the best way to grow is to learn from others.

Live your best life,

James John.