Are you living your adventure?

I was talking to my wife over lunch the other day, about how life has changed, not just for us but globally. I was specifically talking about the standardisation of schools, universities, workplaces, etc. My youngest son said, "that all sounds really boring - where is the adventure?". Such an innocent statement, filled with such amazing insight. For many people their lives have become so filled with must-dos and must-haves, that they have lost sight of the adventure they we're born to enjoy.

There are a limitless number of blogs, etc. on the web these days and there is even a 'best way' of writing them to get the highest number of views. The idea of conforming to 'what is expected' is even over-taking what is meant to be seen as the current free-est form of self expression, that isn't moderated by news outlets or other 'big news' organisations. I only have one question that I want you to think about - I mean seriously, sit down and think about. Are you living your adventure? There is that other saying, are you living or just existing?

I'm not being naive, most people have responsibilities of one kind or another. However, you are able to make moves to living a better life - to living your adventure, besides doing something drastic such as packing up and living the nomad lifestyle. There is a man I met a couple of years ago - a Franciscan priest in his 70s. Every year he learns something different. To date he has learnt:

  • scuba diving
  • piano
  • origami
  • various languages to the point of being fluent
  • plus endless more

I couldn't list everything he has learnt - I don't have the room. Some of his items may not seem truly adventurous - but he is stepping out and trying something different - every year.

One of my old bosses and his wife, organised a list together of something different to do once a month for a year. One month it was horse-riding (which prior to going, he was terrified of horses), another month it was hot-air ballooning. Once the list was made the activity couldn't be altered...they kept each other accountable to chasing adventure.

What is something you always wanted to do? Figure out a way to make it a reality, no matter how big or small.

Live your best life

James John